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Tired of marketing software that doesn't get you more customers?
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Keepity instantly increases your email list, your social followers, and gets you a mobile phone list of customers who love your business.

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Simple. Fast. Affordable. Reach out to your existing customers and get new ones.

Your social followers love your business, but you need more connections. Your email list is too small, how to make it bigger?

Use Keepity to advertise to all your existing customers, then let the Keepity community GROW your email list, GROW your social following, GROW your mobile phone list.

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All-in-one digital advertising

Keepity is an all-in-one digital advertising platform that makes it simple to continuously connect to your customers. It takes a minute to post your offer, event, or news item to email, text, your social networks, and your website.

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Content creation, delivery, and analysis.
Simple and FAST.

Free ad creation.
Free email.
Free texting.

You pay only when customers engage by keeping or redeeming your offer.


Track your ad campaigns to identify which are the most effective. Views, click-throughs, email opens, redemptions- all aggregated on a per store basis.

Thoroughly Mobile

Location awareness, wireless redemption, QR codes, push notifications, store groupings.

Stop paying deal sites.

They don’t build relationships, they just overwhelm your business with one time buyers and wreak havoc on your margins. Control your message and deliver the offers that help your business at the price that you can afford! More than deals.
Keepity is your in house media partner.

Offers that you can afford.

Keepity delivers your promotions for FREE and doesn't take a percentage of your profits. Customers pay you directly and deals don’t have to be extreme. Consumers easily KEEP your offer, event, invitation or loyalty card. When they use it they pay you directly. Automatic notifications remind the consumer when your promotion is starting or expiring. Easy redemption and the feedback that you need. Keepity's self-service advertising platform is incredibly simple to use.

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